Driving e-commerce through innovation

ZipfWorks (zif'works) is an e-commerce incubator. In an age of continuous disruption driven by technology, we find opportunities to build connected, forward-thinking digital ecosystems that connect shoppers, influencers, and brands in exciting new ways.

What we do

At ZipfWorks, we see exciting changes in the way people find, research, and purchase products. Improvements in hardware, software, and machine learning are reshaping the landscape upon which commerce happens. With disruption, comes opportunity, and this is where we play.

Our founder previously lead the innovation group at Yahoo where he launched one of the world's first mobile social networks as well as one of the first live video streaming communities (yes way before Periscope). At ZipfWorks, we apply his agile innovation model to the world of e-commerce, predicting changes in consumer behavior, then rapidly prototyping, testing, and scaling organic, community-based services that make everyday tasks easier and more productive.

In particular, we focus on influencers and emerging brands, helping them connect with each other and with end consumers through our network of innovative shopping ecosystems.

Our apps & platforms

ZipfCommerce is our core technology platform, enabling us to monetize, track, and optimize our network of shopping applications. ZipfCommerce is a big data platform built in Scala on top of MongoDB and Elasticsearch, providing RESTful access to up-to-date merchandising information on over 2MM products and 1MM offers from over 60,000 e-commerce stores and brands.
Dealspotr is an innovative e-commerce ecosystem that connects brands, influencers, and shoppers around today's best deals. Through a strong community platform, Dealspotr provides the industry's largest and most trustworthy database of promotions and offer codes. Dealspotr also enables brands and influencers to collaborate and run promotional campaigns centered on ROI.
StyleSpotter is a powerful discovery tool for fashion. Built on an advanced platform that crawls and understands the latest colors, sizes, availability, pricing, and coupons on millions of fashion items from thousands of brands, StyleSpotter takes the pain out of shopping for fashion online.
Productli.st is a social discussion platform for sharing, debating, and monetizing product recommendations in the form of lists. We're tapping into the popularity of the "top 10 list" format to create an optimized discussion experience which makes it fun and rewarding to share your opinions and product advice in the form of collaborative lists. Productli.st is in the ideation phase as an internal prototype.

Brands we work with

We work with over 20,000 retailers, helping them connect with customers through our network of high engagement shopping applications. To partner with us, connect with us through Conversant, Rakuten, Pepperjam, or inquire about a direct partnership at partnerships@zipfworks.com.

Our team

Michael Quoc

Founder and CEO
After spending a decade building and leading product teams in the Silicon Valley, Michael Quoc founded ZipfWorks to apply innovative, experimental product design methodologies to e-commerce. Michael previously served as a Director of Product Management at Yahoo, where he pioneered the company's agile product development methodology. During his career, Michael has launched a range of innovative consumer digital services and has been assigned nine patents relating to social and mobile applications and technology. Michael graduated from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Brian Stanback

Principal Engineer and Partner
Brian Stanback is our lead engineer, principal architect and is an equity partner in the firm. Brian is the primary architect behind the ZipfWorks application stack, which enables us to rapidly develop and scale e-commerce applications serving any vertical. Brian brings over a decade of experience designing complex software systems and leading technical teams, most recently serving as the Head of Engineering at Mosaic Sustainability. Brian has also held senior engineering roles at Bracket Labs, Renewable Choice Energy, and Flare Networks. Brian holds a BS in Computer Science from Colorado State University.

Jimmy Doheny

Partner Marketing Manager
As our Partner Marketing Manager, Jimmy Doheny runs our partner development program with the primary goal of expanding our network of partnerships with up-and-coming e-commerce brands. Jimmy designs and runs outbound and inbound marketing programs and serves as our internal advocate for our retail partners. Prior to joining ZipfWorks, Jimmy served in business development roles at Connexity and PriceGrabber. Jimmy holds dual degrees in Economics and Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Kevin Fang

Lead Platform Engineer
Kevin Fang is our lead platform engineer and leads the architecture design and development of our commerce data platform. Kevin is responsible for designing and developing platform software that provides our applications with end-to-end social networking, search, and CRM functionality, as well as real-time access to data on millions of products and offers and thousands of merchants and influencers. Kevin previously was a software applications developer at Aerospace Corporation. He holds in BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Emily Helwig

Digital Marketing Manager
As Digital Marketing Manager, Emily Helwig is responsible for cultivating and growing our community of lifestyle influencers and online shoppers. Emily also oversees content marketing, social media marketing, and PR for Dealspotr. Prior to joining ZipfWorks, Emily did production work for television shows for MTV and The History Channel. Emily holds a degree in Journalism from Ithaca College.

Jennifer Cho

Assistant Product Manager
Jennifer Cho is our Assistant Product Manager and handles a range of product management and product marketing responsibilities spanning project coordination, new feature development, user experience design, and content development. Jennifer holds a Master's in Cinema and Media Studies from USC, and a BA in East Asian Studies from Princeton University.

Victoria David

Community Marketing Coordinator
Victoria David oversees our community and content operations platforms, ensuring that we maintain high quality standards for content across our applications. Prior to joining ZipfWorks, Victoria held PR and marketing roles at the Stanislaus County Fair and HeyTurlock. Victoria holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from UC San Diego.

Dream big. Build big.

Careers at ZipfWorks

At ZipfWorks, we're a team of innovators. We love to build new things. We're driven by the fact that, everyday, we are creating solutions that help millions of people get things done, more productively, more profitably, in more connected ways.

We're located in the premier Water Garden campus in Santa Monica. We offer a full range of benefits, including healthcare, team building, and career development. As a rapidly-growing company that has already reached profitability, we offer great equity packages along with a unique profit-sharing program for employees.

We're hiring. Please see our open positions at Angel.co. Interested in talking? Send a note to Michael Quoc at mike@zipfworks.com, we'd love to hear from you.

1601 Cloverfield Blvd. Suite 1050N
Santa Monica, CA 90404