Connecting people, products, and ideas

ZipfWorks (zif'works) is a media lab focused on social commerce. We conceptualize, build, and scale beautiful, innovative connected shopping experiences that help millions of consumers find and acquire the products and services they'll love.

What we do

We're an e-commerce company. We partner with over 20,000 retailers, helping them connect with new customers through our network of best-of-breed social shopping apps and websites. Operationally, we're a media lab, founded on agile, lean startup principles. We identify new market opportunities arising from changes in consumer shopping behavior then rapidly execute new product development, iterating from concept to product-market fit.

Our business model is simple. We create new shopping communities, each attracting an audience of highly engaged consumers who discover, research, and transact through our apps. We generate revenue by sending highly qualified leads to our network of affiliated retail partners.

Our apps & platforms

ZipfCommerce is our core technology platform, enabling us to monetize, track, and optimize our network of shopping applications. ZipfCommerce is a big data platform built in Scala on top of MongoDB and Elasticsearch, providing RESTful access to up-to-date merchandising information on over 2MM products and 1MM offers from over 60,000 e-commerce stores and brands.
Dealspotr is a crowdsourcing platform aimed at providing the world's most delightful deal discovery experience. We've built an advanced platform that incentivizes sharing and curation of deals, enabling us to filter through tens of thousands of coupons and offers offered by thousands of brands everyday to offer our users only the best, most accurate, and most compelling deals.
StyleSpotter is a powerful discovery tool for fashion. Built on an advanced platform that crawls and understands the latest colors, sizes, availability, pricing, and coupons on millions of fashion items from thousands of brands, StyleSpotter takes the pain out of shopping for fashion online. is a social discussion platform for sharing, debating, and monetizing product recommendations in the form of lists. We're tapping into the popularity of the "top 10 list" format to create an optimized discussion experience which makes it fun and rewarding to share your opinions and product advice in the form of collaborative lists. is in the ideation phase as an internal prototype.

Brands we work with

We work with over 20,000 retailers, helping them connect with customers through our network of high engagement shopping applications. To partner with us, connect with us through Conversant, Rakuten, Pepperjam, or inquire about a direct partnership at

Our team

Michael Quoc

Founder and CEO
After spending a decade building and leading product teams in the Silicon Valley, Michael Quoc founded ZipfWorks to apply innovative, experimental product design methodologies to ecommerce. Michael previously served as the Director of New Products at Yahoo, where he pioneered the company's agile product development methodology. Michael has launched dozens of innovative mobile and social networking platforms and products, and holds eight patents relating to social and mobile applications and technology. He graduated from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Brian Stanback

Lead Engineer and CTO
Brian Stanback joined ZipfWorks in 2013 and currently serves as CTO and engineering lead. Brian brings over a decade of experience developing software and leading technical teams, most recently serving as Lead Engineer at Mosaic Sustainability, where he lead the software team in architecting and developing an innovative greenhouse gas inventory platform. Brian graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Computer Science.

Kevin Fang

Software Engineer
Kevin Fang joined ZipfWorks in 2013 and leads our platform engineering efforts. Kevin previously was a software developer at Aerospace Corporation. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree with Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Dream big. Build big.

Careers at ZipfWorks

ZipfWorks is not a prototypical startup. We're not venture-funded, nor are we seeking a sale or exit. We do what we do because we love to build products; products that we ourselves find useful, appealing, and inspiring.

Our unique business model enables us to generate profits from the products we build. As a business, our objective is to continue to invest in the growth for our existing family of products, as we design, prototype, and launch brand new services that capitalize on the latest trends in shopping.

We're structured as a co-op, in which all team members have equity and profit-sharing interests in the firm. We typically do not hire junior employees; we look for experienced operators, engineers, and innovators who can make a meaningful and direct impact on our ability to create and scale winning products. For these core team members, we offer pay and equity packages that outperform most traditional startup compensation packages on a risk-adjusted basis. We hire selectively - our goal is to keep our team small over the long-term.

If you're interested in exploring a potential position with us, please send a note to Michael Quoc at You can also see roles we're currently seeking to fill on our Angel List jobs page.

1601 Cloverfield Blvd. Suite 1050N
Santa Monica, CA 90404